St. Joseph’s GAA Return to Action – Covid-19 Information

Return to GAA – Training Mandatory Checklist:

  1. Complete membership registration with
  2. Complete Covid-19 Club Education eLearning Module
    • Should be completed by everyone entering GAA facilities/grounds especially Adult Players, Team Personnel, Parents/Guardians.
    • Please screenshot completion certificate and forward to team manager or club officers.
  3. Complete Return To Play Heath Questionnaire prior to every training session via
    • Training not permitted without completed declaration.
    • This is a new requirement for GAA insurance for 2021
    • Certain responses will preclude you from returning to Gaelic Games facilities in order to protect the health and safety of other members.
    • None of the answers provided are visible to anyone within the club. The successful completion of the questionnaire essentially green lights the player/child to resume/continue training. It is only this illegibility to train status that is available to the club officials. The GAA Return to Play Health Questionnaire is controlled and operated nationally by the GAA.
    • There is no specific Mobile App for this but can be reached via any web browser from mobiles or laptops etc.
    • See Gaelic Games Health Questionnaire Guidelines


Facilities and Equipment:

  • All players and parents are asked to park/drop off children on the designated parking areas associated with the training pitch in question. Coaches to inform players/parents beforehand.
  • Arrive and depart immediately before and after training – no hanging around.
    • Parking Zone for Pitch 1  – beside Astro Turf pitch
    • Parking Zone for Pitch 2 – left hand side of carpark beside of pitch 2
    • Parking Zone for Pitch 3 – in front and side of pitch 3
    • Parking Zone Pitch 4 – in front of pitch 4
  • All players must come togged and bring own equipment, water bottle (with identification) etc. No sharing of equipment.
  • All changing rooms closed until further notice.
  • Please use hand sanitizer provided before and after each training session
  • Hand Sanitizer Locations:
    • On RHS of stand pitch 1
    • Astro Turf Entrance
    • Beside toilets Pitch 1
    • Beside referees room Pitch 1
    • Beside Parking Zone 2 between Pitch 1 & 2
    • On side of stand between Pitch 2 & 3
    • On wall of toilets Pitch 3
    • On Pole Pitch 4
  • COVID ROOM – The defibrillator room beside pitch 1
  • Defibrillators 
    • In Defibrillator room – between dressing rooms
    • Stand Pitch 2


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